Spagheti Bolognese

Cheap & quick, and very very very tasty.



Slice up onions, garlic. Place into large pot on medium heat and saute. Meanwhile heat a large pot of water to boiling point.

Once the onions are on their way, add the mince to the pot. Break it up so it doesn't look too much like mince. Add a twist of salt & pepper as needed.

Once mince is starting to look cooked add the garlic and some ginger, then add the bolognese sauce shortly after. Keep the heat on and try to reduce it a little... makes it taste better and it'll make less mess when trying to eat it!

12 mins before you're ready to serve put the spaghetti into the boiling water. Keep it boiling(ish) and stir occasionally.

Once everything is done, serve & get someone else to do the dishes. Simple.


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